I live with my wife in Seattle, Washington. We enjoy reading in cafes or a quiet bar, walking the Earth, strength training, and observing trees and other plants.

Professional info

I design and develop software for fun and profit. In the past, I worked as a software engineer at Adaptive Biotechnologies and as a software developer on the Beacon team at Epic.

I enjoy exploring difficult problems, working to understand them, and developing solutions. Computers and software are powerful tools that provide incredible leverage, putting previously inaccessible problems within reach.

When writing software for production use, I value reliability, performance, clarity, and frugality. I do my best to be pragmatic and focus on solving the right problems with the simplest solutions possible.

I like working on projects that have a real-world impact with teammates who care deeply about their work. Environment and team dynamics significantly affect the quality of software produced. Here are some beliefs about teams and organizations that are important to me:

Before working in the software industry, I studied probability and stochastic processes at the University of Wisconsin, where I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics under Benedek Valk√≥. Here are a few lessons I’ve taken from doing mathematical research that apply directly to software engineering:

About the site

The site is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech. I’ve been hosting sites with them for over a decade now and have nothing but good things to say. Their integrity, fair pricing, and idiosyncratic way of doing things appeals to me.